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Warframe, Destiny and Anthem are built around addiction

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Looter shooter games like Warframe, Destiny and Anthem are extremely popular, and keep hundreds of thousands of gamers invested on a daily basis. Players seem unable to put the games down, despite the fact that they are always the same – rather simple – gameplay loops in the same – yet beautifully crafted – environments. Ultimately, this kind of gameplay boils down to shooting stuff to maybe get a random reward. This gameplay loop can be viewed as a stay-at-home version of casino slot machines. Read more

Epic store ends PC gaming as we know it

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pc gaming iconThe introduction of exclusivity in the Epic games store in 2018 marked a turning point in PC gaming. Since early 2019, a sharp division in the formerly mostly united and smoothly running PC gaming world has been clearly visible.

Early 2019 ended a decade of PC gaming where you could have the “Steam powered” console experience whilst also enjoying the flexibility of PC gaming builds. It ended a decade of easy installs, timely updates, big screen living room gaming and all friends playing in one place. It ended a decade of cheap PC games and regular 50-75% sales. It ended a decade of shrinking video game piracy.
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