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Epic store ends PC gaming as we know it

The introduction of exclusivity in the Epic games store in 2018 marked the turning point in PC gaming. Since early 2019 a sharp division in the formerly mostly united and smoothly running PC gaming world is clearly visible. Early 2019 ended a decade of PC gaming where you could have the “Steam powered” console experience while you could enjoy the flexibility of PC gaming builds. It ended a decade of easy installs, timely updates and big screen ...

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11-11 Memories Retold – Review

11-11 Memories Retold revolves around two WW1 soldiers, one from Germany and one from Canada, that become friends although fighting on opposite sides in the meatgrinder of the western front in WW1. It is a story about the humans on both sides of the war and of how the war takes its toll on fighting and non-fighting alike. Everything is embedded in a unique impressionistic art style and a soundtrack done by a real orchestra.

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Subsurface Circular – Review

Subsurface Circular is one of those games that kept me thinking about the topics it touched long after I put it down. It asks questions about where AI and androids will take our human society; and if those deeply human questions about existence might also be asked by AI in the future.

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How I accidently created a radio show archive

Back in 2013 I decided to rebuild my 90s techno vinyl collection because my original records and CDs had been lost over the previous decade. I had no written records about anything I owned. But most of it I knew was played at least once in a radio show called the Steve Mason Experience. By searching the internet for playlists of this underground techno radio show – that ran throughout the 90s – I started a journey that would lead to thousands of ...

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Warframe solo or ghost clan layout and forma cost

[Update: 01/19] Building a small clan dojo in Warframe with all research labs, trading post and ascension altar is a valid option for solo players or a small group of players in 7-8 days. The biggest investment will be 14 forma; 12 forma for the rooms and 2 forma for trading post and ascension altar. You can follow the single floor layout below.

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Create a RSA key pair on Linux

The default save location of the key pair (public and private key) will be shown. It should always be ~/.ssh (/home/yourusername/.ssh).

After you confirmed the location the key pair is stored you are asked to enter a passphrase. That is your password for every system your public key of the pair is stored.

At the time of writing the default length of the key is 2048 bit.

Source: How To Set Up SSH Keys


InfraRecorder does not start on Windows 10

After installing InfraRecorder on Windows 10 it will only start once. After that the InfraRecorder UI will not show up. When you take a look at the task manager you will see that an instance of InfraRecorder is running but no UI is present; killing the process and starting InfraRecorder anew will not solve the problem.

Quick Fix

This is a known bug (#729) and at the moment the only workaround is manually deleting the settings.xml file. This file can be in one of the follwing locations:
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\InfraRecorder\ or InfraRecorder application directory when using the portable apps version of InfraRecorder.

Permanent solution

The above mentioned fix will only work once. You should use this one shot to permanently solve the problem. Just deactivate the “Remember the last active folder” checkbox in the InfraRecorder configuration.

InfraRcorder choose configuration

InfraRecorder - Checkbox remember last active folder

After you deactivated this checkbox InfraRecorder will work just fine.

Remove last character with cut

As cut can only remove the characters from the beginning of the string we have to pipe the string through rev first to reverse the order of the characters. Then we remove the first character with cut and reverse the string to its prior order.