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Gaming as a hobby in 2018

Gaming as a hobby 2018

I turned 40 this year and I still haven’t stopped playing video games. To the contrary, I reduced my already little TV time once again in favor of gaming and reading. With professional gaming known as esports filling big stations and video game streaming on Twitch as an accepted way to make a living, I thought gaming in 2018 is the new normal. – Within my family and peers at work I still get those pitiful looks when I talk about gaming as a hobby. more

Where should you start playing video games

I have been playing video games for almost thirty years now. It is a great way to relax, to keep your brain engaged and constantly learn something new. And because I regularly praise video games curious folks like friends, family or collegues ask me where to start playing video games. Some are just curious for themselves while others want to get an opinion on how to introduce their kids to gaming.


Where did all the spinning hard drive (HDD) brands go?

If you happened to build your own PC or use a PC builder on a website you will quickly realized that 3.5″ spinning hard drive (HDD) brands options are limited. Most of the time you will be presented with the colorful options of WD (Western Digital) drives ranging from blue to green to red to purple and even to black. more