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How to kill or close a frozen SSH connection

From time to time it happens. While working on a remote system via SSH the connection freezes. Mostly due to bad Wifi connectivity or some gremlins in between have just messed up. What you should NOT do is closing the terminal window. It is lame bad practice. What you should do is: Read more

Convert avi to mp4 on Linux console

If you need a fast and easy way to convert an avi video – from a screen recording – to mp4 you can use this simple command:

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Create a RSA key pair on Linux

The default save location of the key pair (public and private key) will be shown. It should always be ~/.ssh (/home/yourusername/.ssh).

After you confirmed the location the key pair is stored you are asked to enter a passphrase. That is your password for every system your public key of the pair is stored.

At the time of writing the default length of the key is 2048 bit.

Source: How To Set Up SSH Keys