Things that had been on my mind for at least a week.

For the Empire – Single-player surprise in Battlefront II

Battlefront II - teaser

When I came across the first rebel soldier, I decided to go for a silent takedown. That surely just makes them unconscious, I thought. I would not feel good at all about hurting rebels on my escape from a prison cell, as they are normally fighting alongside Luke and Leia against the Empire. The sound of breaking bones informed me that a silent takedown does not mean unconsciousness. There it was. I had killed my first rebel. This really did not feel good. Read more

Warframe, Destiny and Anthem are built around addiction

addictive games teaser

Looter shooter games like Warframe, Destiny and Anthem are extremely popular, and keep hundreds of thousands of gamers invested on a daily basis. Players seem unable to put the games down, despite the fact that they are always the same – rather simple – gameplay loops in the same – yet beautifully crafted – environments. Ultimately, this kind of gameplay boils down to shooting stuff to maybe get a random reward. This gameplay loop can be viewed as a stay-at-home version of casino slot machines. Read more

Gaming as a hobby in 2018

Gaming as a hobby 2018

I turned 40 this year and I still haven’t stopped playing video games. To the contrary, I reduced my already little TV time once again in favor of gaming and reading. With professional gaming known as esports filling big stations and video game streaming on Twitch as an accepted way to make a living, I thought gaming in 2018 is the new normal. – Within my family and peers at work I still get those pitiful looks when I talk about gaming as a hobby. Read more