In this blog you will find me reviewing aesthetically unique, story focused adventure games and compact puzzlers for the PC. I prefer underdog independent titles over  big publisher titles and I have a soft spot for walking simulators.

The selection of titles is totally subjective and biased. This is my blog covering the games that inspire me to write about. For every review in this blog there are probably three titles I chose not to write about. Reasons for not writing about a game vary: some games are bad and I prefer to forget them. Other titles may be good but they did not inspire me to write anything about them. Only games that have that special something will appear in this blog.

The section afterthought contains short essays about gaming topics in general or about one aspect of a recently played game. Like the reviews my essays are subjective and biased. They provide a way to put things into words that I have been thinking about for some time. 

Warframe related content and the xplainthegame youtube channel get regular updates but less popular posts and videos will be removed due to time constraints.

About me

I am an adult gamer and have been playing video games for over two decades. I played many different games on many different platforms but settled for PC ever since the early 2000s. My current gaming diet is a mix of looter shooter, short puzzler, short adventures and a pinch of triple A single player first person shooter.

In real life I am a married German living in Switzerland and working in software engineering. When not gaming I enjoy spending time with my wife, going to the gym or cooking.