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Path to Mnemosyne is creepy two hour puzzler with a unique hand drawn aesthetic. The visuals are disturbing and claustrophobic which fits the tone of the story perfectly. Puzzles in the game are unique, never overstay their welcome and get trickier the further you get into the game.

The first thing you notice when you pick up Path to Mnemosyne is its art style. Environments and the main protagonist, a little girl in a dress, are black and white hand drawn images put into motion. Movement in the game feels like one of those flip-books you might have owned as a kid. The use of color is minimal. This all adds to this unique and distinct look and feel.

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Path to Mnemosyne’s art style fits the unsetteling story of the game. You play as a girl wandering around in her dream or nightmare world. She seems to be in a mental institution where she gets treated by a doctor, who wants to keep memories suppressed. There is also a woman, maybe a nurse, that wants to help the girl to rediscover some of her lost memories. Both are only represented by voice – you never see them. When the story concludes after the final puzzle it will offer no conclusion. You are  left to make up you own mind what really happened and if disovering those memories is a good thing to happen.

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Through the course of the game there are 6 memories to discover. These memories are levels in disguise. Each level memory requires you to solve a new type of puzzle. Puzzle types are unique and suprisingly not repeated. Only assets like switches or items you have to collect are reused from time to time. Puzzles vary in type. There are sound puzzles, puzzles where you have to find clues in environment and puzzles that require you to remember paths. The sound puzzles do not fall into the trap of excluding people that have no ear for rhythm. They can also be solved with logic backed up by old school pen and paper skills.

I am not the best when it comes to puzzle games and I got stuck a few times. But nothing a new cup of Espresso could not solve. The puzzles are on par with something like Gorogoa. They range from easy to intermediate challenge.

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There is no coherent soundtrack. There are the occasional snippets of sounds that reminded me of Hitchcock movies mixed with some Portishead. You will also find youself in areas that have only walking sounds. This emphasizes the loneliness and the feeling of being lost in one’s nightmare.

review double thumbs upOverall Path to Mnemosyne is a unique looking puzzle experience that can be disturbing and unsettling at times. It is something you can pick up and finish in an evening playthrough. Double thumbs up from me for this creepy hand drawn puzzler.

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