AC:Origins – Baking bread in Ancient Egypt

baking bread in assassins creed origins - teaser

AC:Origins is an excellent game with a great story and a very detailed recreation of Ancient Egypt around 50 BCE. But what really struck me were the details of everyday life. I was particularly impressed by the love to detail for the whole process of creating bread in a cone shaped mould.

baking bread in assassins creed origins 3 steps


It starts with a woman that picks up corns of emmer and grinds them repeatedly. It is just like you see it on clay statues from Ancient Egypt. A large stone tablet gets used to put corns on it. Then the woman uses a grind stone to grind the corns repeatedly. She complains and talks to other women around her. When the grinding is finished she picks up the flour with both hands and puts it into a pot.

grinding emmer in anciet egypt animation - preview

Another woman picks up the pot of flour, adds some water and starts creating the dough. And here once again she talks to the other women around her, works more on the dough until it is a compact mass to use. That ball of dough is put into stack of other balls. This is also very close to what can be seen on actual clay statues from Ancient Egypt.

creating dough for bread in ancient egypt animation - preview

The final work is done on an open bread oven. It has an arched structure that is open to one side and to the top. There is some smoke coming from the top and on the inside you can see smouldering wood or charcoal. Here a woman puts the the balls of dough and places them in the cone shaped moulds that were – to my knowledge – unique to Ancient Egypt. Each mould is put into the oven and pulled out when the bread has finished baking.

baking bread in ancient egypt animation - preview

getting fresh bread in ancient egypt animation - preview

These cone shaped breads look a bit odd nowadays but there were some archaeologists that tried to bake the this ancient type of bread.

the real bread of assassins creed origins
Ellie Doney,

It is impressive how much love to detail and historical knowledge has been put into this small feature of the game. At the end of the day this is something most players won’t even notice.

If you want to know more about baking bread in Ancient Egypt here are three great resources for you: