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This a minimalistic yet beautiful line puzzler that will keep you in a zen like state for 1-2 hours. It is reduced to the max but the looks are very pleasing to the eye. Mechanics are easy to learn but harder to master at the later puzzles.

The premise of a line puzzle is simple: You have to go over all tiles available in order to win. But every tile can only be touched once.

That is where you start in LineWay level 1. Mechanics are properly introduced and difficulty in terms of number of tiles and layout gets increased from puzzle to puzzle. To spice things up every 10-15 levels a new type of tile gets introduced: for example a tile the can only be accessed from one side, a tile that makes other tiles disappear or a tile that brings you to another tileset.

LineWay Simple Puzzle

The ramp up in difficulty is fair and – for me at least – most of the puzzles were solved rather intuitively without too much of thinking. Only the later puzzles require a bit more planning ahead.
The calming soundtrack – or rather one long track in loop – instill a zen like atmosphere throughout the game. This atmosphere combined with constant puzzle solving had a very relaxing effect. When I hit a wall at one of that later levels picking up another round of espresso did the trick to get a new perspective.

LineWay puzzle animation

review single thumbs upSolving the tougher puzzles rewards you with nice jingles. It all fits in the minimalistic look and feel of the game. The color palette reminds me of Thomas Was Alone.

LineWay is a beautiful minimalistic zen instilling puzzler for a rainy afternoon. It is obviously done on a very tight budget. Considering that its full price is 1 Euro and it only requires tiny 37MB of your hard drive space I wholeheartedly give it a thumbs up.

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