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Lara Croft GO for PC is a port of the mobile Lara Croft themed puzzler where you make your way through different areas of a tomb. Each area consists of multiple environment puzzles. You have to move things around, avoid obstacles and use traps to your advantage. The occasional killing of some beasts is also included.

I stumbled over this perfectly structured puzzler a few weeks earlier when I visited a talk about gamification of work spaces. The game is not fresh but rather from 2016 and was developed by Square Enix Montréal.

The art style is a beautiful throwback to the old Tomb Raider games with charming vector graphics. But this is as far as the similarities go because this is a round based puzzler. Whenever you move once your environment also moves once.

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Introduction into each new puzzle mechanic is done slowly and with a few repetitions. You learn how to move platforms, where you break through the ground and how snakes, spiders and other creatures move. And finally all is mixed together into environment puzzles. The pacing of how things are introduced and how long they are used in levels is stunningly perfect. I have never come across a puzzler with a difficulty curve that well structured.

Puzzles get trickier but you never run against a brick wall.Even if you find yourself totally lost with a puzzle you can use the hint icon to help you along. There is no punishment for using it. It is as if the devs say it is okay to not know everything the first round through the game.

The soundtrack is very chilling ambient sound that could come straight from the 90s. It fits the theme of this game perfectly. Sound effects are also well done. I particularly like the creepy movement sounds of those big spiders.

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The game can be done in around 4 hours but there is definitely replayability because of the many hidden treasures. Treasures allow you to give Lara different outfits to play in. I preferred the classical 90s looks.

review single thumbs upSadly there are two things that make the whole experience not 100% perfect. For one Steam achievements do not work. That is sad because replayability is build around finding treasures. The other thing is a unintuitive control scheme directly copied from the mobile version.

Nonetheless this game is a thumb up from me. Not perfect but perfect enough for enjoyable hours of puzzles.

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