Warframe Radiation Sortie guide

Radiation Harzard Sortie guide

Many tenno struggle with radiation harzard or radiation damage sortie. Once radiation procs on you, you will team kill. And depending on the mission that means you not only kill fellow tenno but also destroy the mobile defense target or kill the operator in defense. Here is how to protect youself and others:

Radiation damage protection with mods

  • Diamond Skin 45% increase in radiation damage resistance
    it is better than nothing but keep in mind that you still have a 55% chance of getting rad damage and procced
  • Rapid Resilience -75% status duration
    Whenever the radiation proc happens it will last only 3 seconds instead of 12 seconds
    also very helpful against slash procs of high level enemies and only 15p
  • Rolling Guard remove all status effects when rolling, 7 seconds cooldown
    helpful to get rid off radiation proc but 7 seconds cooldown but problematic when you are inside a radiation harzard cloud
    works great in tandem with Wyrm’s Negate
  • Negate removes all status effect on warframe, 5 seconds cooldown (Wyrm sentinel mod)
    helpful to get rid off radiation proc but 5 seconds cooldown  but problematic when you are inside a radiation harzard cloud
    works great together with Rolling Guard

Radiation damage protection warframe abilities

  • Nezha, Warding Halo (3)
    Gives immunity from any status when active
  • Rhino, Iron Skin (2)
    Gives immunity from an status when active
  • Inaros, Negation Swarm augment (4)
    Removes any status effect
  • Trinity, Link (3)
    Any status will be transferred to linked enemies

Protection from getting killed by team mates

  • Wukong, Defy (2)
    If you would be dying, you get revived with less health
    Very helpful protection from other tenno that do not understand how radiation procs work
  • Limbo, entering Rift Plane
    You can just hide in your rift and do nothing

Radiation damage team protect warframe abilities

  • Oberon, Hallowed Ground (2)
    Protect allies from any procs
    Caveat: does not remove existing radiation procs; you have to stand on the carpet the be protected

Worth mentioning

  • Arcane Healing – R3 80% chance to resist radiation damage
    Reported by many tenno that is just does not work properly even when 2 R3 Arcane Healing are equipped