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The main mechanic in Ben Eposito’s Donut County is letting things and people fall into a movable black hole. The more things and people fall into that hole the bigger the hole gets. The reasons why you would do something like gets explained along your jouney. Story expostion is done in beautful animated scenes with text dialoges. Without too much spoiler: it is all because of the crazy racoons.

The first thing you notice is that Donut County has a very unique art style. This art style was the reason I fell in love it with right from the start. Everything is very cartoon-ish. Animal characters are beautifully drawn as are the environments. The color palette thoughout the game is just relaxing. And in-game dialogs are easy to follow – some of them happen in whatsapp style.

There is always story before you start a new level. Exposition is done carefully and slowly from level to level. Story telling in generel is done with a lot of really charming humor and a bit of slapstick It will take you a while to grasp the whole absurdity of why everything happened the way it happened. In the beginning the levels are flashbacks. Story telling in generel is done with a lot of really charming humor and a bit of slapstick.

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Each level is a mini puzzle but they get more challenging over the course of the game. The hardest puzzles are all about finding the right order and speed of making things disappear. I always enjoyed each puzzle and rarely needed more than 3 tries. There are interesting twists in how to solve the harder puzzles that keep them from getting boring.

Donut County - loop hole

Finally there is the soundtrack. This one leans heavy on the acoustic guitar which reminded me – at least in the beginning – of kickstarter pitch videos. It is a very light footed soundtrack that fits the absurdity of the story.

The game has limited replayabilty because puzzles do not change. But you appreciated the story way more on a second playthrough.

review double thumbs upDonut County is a very enjoyable experience that will make you laugh or at least shake you head in amusement while playing it. It is a fun game for your weekly happiness fix. Double thumbs up from me.

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