State of this blog – changes

State of this blog -change

I am not the biggest fan of meta blog posts but for the first time in years it is time to do one for my blog. Change is coming to this blog and some of it is already happening.

Three months ago John Bain a youtuber I followed for over 7 years died at the age of 33 of bowl cancer. That event set things in motion I had been thinking about for a long time but never found the strength or motivation to do. Sometimes it needs an event like this to clearly understand that everyone’s time on this planet is very limited. For the past 3 months I have made many small and big changes to my life, my side projects and my priorities.

Changes of diet and regular workout were the first things to tackle but have no visible impact on my online projects. But now my youtube channel, my Steve Mason Experience archive and this blog will have to undergo changes. This blog currently holds gaming tutorials, linux tutorials, opinions and snippets. All Warframe related gaming content that has regular readers will be migrated to until end 2018. All other gaming related stuff will be moved into a the blog archive. Linux tutorials, opinions and snippets will have the same fate. The blog will be a simple blog where I will share distilled experiences with my projects and veteran software engineer insights.

The Warframe tutorials on my xplainthegame youtube channel that were successful will get refreshed. I will focus on two topics only: clans & trading in Warframe. I am currently working on both topics depending on mood and time. I am not entirely sure about the serial structure of future video content. In a future blog post I will go into what runs well and what does not for my channel.

Contrary to my post 4 months ago I picked up Warframe once again. I could and maybe I will make a separate blog post about the why I did it. For now I am happy with my daily short sessions of farming, trading and parkouring.

Finally my Steve Mason Experience Archive that I have been working on for the past 4 years. I am going to finish that project this year. The archive currently covers almost all shows from ’92 to mid ’99. Only 2000 and the rest of ’99 is missing. That means around 70 shows need to go onto the website before I would say finished. For the past months I have been putting up one show each day of the week. Therefore 70 days from now most of the work should be done. I will also do a separate blog post for the Steve Mason Experience Archive up here.

That’s the state. Expect to see changes to show up in the coming weeks.

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20 years of coding and working as software engineer but I am still eager to learn more. I am very passionate when it comes to open source, Linux and Java. But I made my peace with Windows long ago to fully enjoy my PC gaming hobby. I have a soft spot for 90s electronic music and Babylon 5. In the evenings you will find me roaming the endless space in Warframe (IGN k05h).

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