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The Fidelio Incident is a 2 hour puzzle infused walking simulator. Graphics are gorgeous and realistic. Voice acting and sound are fantastic. The story revolves around a couple that got separated during a plane crash. There are also lots flashbacks describing how the two met in troubled times at the height of the Northern Ireland conflict.

The first 2 minutes of the game are visually stunning and immediate set the stage for the top notch voice acting and soundtrack. If that wasn’t enough the camera movement is excellent and the story got set up properly. No TV series or movie could do a better introduction into tone, story or quality of presentation.

Your main character is stranded on a frozen mountain after a plane crash. He is searching for his wife that was thrown out of the plane during the plane crash. While you slowly make your way towards your wife their history gets unveiled. Digging up things from the past is either done by the reading letters from a diary or by interactive sequences. There are some twists at the end of your journey I was not expecting.

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The game adds some environment puzzles that spice up the slow walking of your main protagonist who is constantly at risk of freezing to death. And you will also find a few collectables along the way that help you to understand the story better.

The graphics are gorgeous considering that the developer team was so small. How good the graphics can be will be visible in the later parts of your journey. Once you leave the constant snow storms the visuals will get their place to shine.

Both characters have great voice actors that carry the tone amazingly. I could sympathize with both through the whole journey. The sound is also amazing. There are violins in the solemn parts of the game and strangely distorted ambient sounds for the flashbacks. It never feels too much and you will even find yourself with not music at all. There parts where you can only hear your foot step or the roaring environment.

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review double thumbs upThis is normally the part where I would list things that are not so good in the game. But I have nothing. I thoroughly enjoyed my playthroughs.

This is a great story based walking simulator with some easy environment puzzles. Voice acting and sound score are great and the visuals stunning. It is great for a 2 hour sitting and gives you a few things to think about afterwards. Double thumbs up from me for The Fidelio Incident.

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