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Far From Noise is one of those short but charming Indie titles. It asks existential questions through a conversation between the main protagonist and a stag. The graphics are simple but match the brooding mood of the conversations perfectly. The icing on the cake is an excellent soundtrack that reminded me in some parts of Dear Esther.

The game starts and ends with your main protagonist stuck in a car that is hanging on the edge of a cliff. And while the car is broken an inner monologue starts on what to do next.

Far From Noise - hanging car animation

The monologue is presented in text form and at many times you have multiple choices how to answer your self-asked questions. There is a dark sensor of humor right from the start that made me sympathize with poor girl in the car.

You look at pretty much the same overall scene on your 90-100 minutes playthrough. But the scene slowly changes with playtime. You will barely notice scenery changes because they are introduced very subtile. The only way to really notice them is when you take screenshots.

Far From Noise - whole day ani gif

You will see a few animals that appear slowly on the scene. Some of them you will talk to but only with the stag will you engange in a full fledged conversation. This stag will slowly lead your protagonist to a more open and relaxed view of the world. Something like a Mr. Miagi or your inner Bhudda.

review double thumbs upGeorge Batchelor created a small but beautifully crafted experience that will leave you with unanswered questions. The obvious ones like did you survived or not? Or did the stag really talk? And more subtile and unsetteling questions about what is really important in life. This makes this a game something that will linger in the back of your skull a while longer than you might expect.

The art style and music fit perfectly. And because of choices you can make in the dialogs there is replay value in it. Thumbs up from me.

Far From Noise – George Batchelor | Steam Page: Far From Noise

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