It is time to quit Warframe

Never before have I spent thousands of hours with a video game. Playing the game, scouring the forums, reading guides and thinking about new builds over 2 years does add up. And now it is time for me to leave.

Playing Warframe and being part of the community was the best video gaming experience in my 20+ year of gaming. Then why do I quit?

Warframe is constantly undergoing change. That is part of its game DNA:

The new player always finds something new and different to do.

The long term player – me – sees how older content does not get improved. And the constant addition of new mechanics removes any notion of accomplishment.The longer I played the more I missed that part about the accomplishment.

I will cherish the great game moments I had with Warframe and I will most certainly compare any other game with my Warframe experience. Tons of merchandise scattered through my appartment will always remember me of that. – There are 4 t-shirts, one mug, one in-game tag xmas tree ornament, one Rhino statue and a set of stickers.

I leave with no bad feelings. I just feel that it is time to move on and to find new worlds to discover. If you have never played Warframe you should give it a try. It is fast paced, it looks gorgeous, it has an unbelievable huge pool of frames and weapons, it has content for hundreds of hours – and it is free. It got me hooked for 2 years and 1500 hours of ingame playtime.

Goodbye and Tschüß my fellow Tenno.


Any Warframe related content here and on my xplainthegame youtube channel will be left untouched until end 2018. After that I will start removing content because it will probably be outdated.


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20 years of coding and working as software engineer but I am still eager to learn more. I am very passionate when it comes to open source, Linux and Java. But I made my peace with Windows long ago to fully enjoy my PC gaming hobby. I have a soft spot for 90s electronic music and Babylon 5. In the evenings you will find me roaming the endless space in Warframe (IGN k05h).

5 thoughts on “It is time to quit Warframe

  1. stefan W

    Sad to see a Warframe player leave, but dude…. “The long term player – me – sees how older content does not get improved.” if you only been playing Warframe for the past 2 years (1500 hours does not correlate with long term player) so that puts you in at around the Ivara and Nezha update? you know nothing about older content ^^ now try 5½ year. and you might look at it differently fyi 🙂

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  3. Cesar De La Hoz

    First of all, tks for the carrier tutorial, it is part of my Loadout and is a very important piece of my strategy. Really sorry to hear that you are leaving, I have only play 4 months but I already started to have that feeling about the game, let’s hope the new updates can keep the hook on me. Tks for your help and dedication.

  4. peakflow

    Hi Lars. Sorry to hear that you’re leaving Warframe. I’ve only been playing for a month or so, and have found your tutorials very valuable and informative, especially the ’25 Things…’ and ‘Solo Dojo’ videos. Thank you.


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