25 things every new Warframe player should know

25 things every warframe player should know

This transcript was compiled by the reddit user ownasideline66

  1. First Mission won each day gives double credits do sorties and dark sectors to maximize reward
  2. Check the wiki if you don’t know something
  3. Argon decays over time, use it if you can when you get it
  4. Do Nitain Alerts when they come up
  5. Use external alert tracker such as deathsnacks website
  6. You can increase FOV in your options menu to make it easier to look around
  7. Activate player list in your interface options menu
  8. H key (on PC) changes shoulder
  9. Q key opens gear wheel in missions, this can be edited in your arsenal toward the bottom of the left menu
  10. Gear in gear wheel can be hot-keyed in your options menu
  11. Cipher plueprints can be bought from market and built to auto-hack (hot-key for ciphers is between t and u keys)
  12. Using your respawns costs affinity, someone else reviving you prevents that
  13. Keep Moving
  14. Have quick melee bound to easy to reach key
  15. Bring a sentinel to vacuum resources
  16. You can ignore players by clicking on their names in the chat window
  17. If there’s a pink cyst on your neck, you can drain it to infect a kubrow egg or get it removed permanently in your orbiter once its fully grown, in the infested door down to the left
  18. you can practice mastery tests in simaris’s room, it is on the right side when you enter his area
  19. Starter plat cannot be traded, spend it on slots for weapons or warframes
  20. You can sell extra duplicate mods you pick up for credits or endo
  21. Every weapon you see in market can be built from blueprints without using plat. Some are available only in research labs which you need to be part of a clan with research completed to access
  22. Do not buy warframes for plat before understanding what they do, or how to get them in game
  23. Do not buy warframe blueprints before checking how you get the parts to build each one
  24. Non-prime warframe parts and blueprints are not tradeable
  25. Prime weapons and warframes are stronger versions of non-prime ones, they come from relics you get in many missions, relics open during fissure missions which are indicated in the top right by a small flame looking icon. Details on refining relics to increase chance at rare parts are explained as you progress through the star chart. Advised to run in groups as it provides a better chance of getting something rare.

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