20 ways to make Platinum in Warframe

The general rule to make Platinum in Warframe is to sell items other tenno do not want to farm. Here are the 20 ways in detail:

  1. Prime junk 5 parts (5-10p)
  2. common or uncommon Prime parts (2-4p)
  3. Ayatan statues (7-20p)
  4. Drift mods (5-20p)
  5. Rare mods from Orokin containers (5-20p)
  6. Syndicate mods, archwing parts (10-20p)
  7. Nightmare mods (5-25p)
  8. Uncommon and rare archwing mods (20-25p)
  9. Some invasion weapon parts (20-30p)
  10. Rare moon spy mods (20-25p)
  11. Some corrupted mods (20-35p)
  12. Syndicate weapons (40-60p)
  13. Rare Prime parts of the current Prime Access (30-60p)
  14. Complet Prime set of current Prime Access (60-120p)
  15. Baro Ki’teer Prime mods, dual stat mods and weapons (60-200p)
  16. Fully levelled Prime mods (250-450p)
  17. Old event months (200-700p)
  18. Vaulted Prime sets (300-1000p)
  19. Arcanes (10-200p)
  20. Kubrow & Kavat imprints


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