20+ ways to make Platinum in Warframe

[Update 2018/12] The general rule to make Platinum in Warframe is to Sell items other tenno do not want to farm. Here are over 20+ ways for new players as well as for veterans in detail:

This list is currently under review and gets updated constantly

  1. Prime junk, 5 parts (10p)
    Usually sold as any 5 prime parts for 10 platinum
  2. common or uncommon Prime parts (2-4p)
    tough to sell because the market is flooded
  3. Ayatan statues (7-15p)
    can be sold filled with stars or not filled, e.g. Anasa filled is 15p, Piv filled 10p
  4. Ayatan Amber stars (4p)
    sell good in bunches of 5
  5. Drift mods (20-35p)
    Only 3 are worth selling: Cunning Drift (20p), Power Drift (30p), Speed Drift (35p)
    come from the Orokin Moon puzzles
  6. Rare mods from Orokin containers (5-20p)
  7. Syndicate mods, archwing parts (10-20p)
    most syndicate mods go for 13-15p but only a few are selling well
    archwing weapon parts also go for 13-15p
  8. Nightmare mods (4-25p)
    Drifting Contact (20-25p), Chilling Reload (10p), the rest 4p or worthless
  9. Uncommon and rare archwing mods (20-25p)
  10. Some invasion weapon sets (40-45p)
    Snipetron Vandal, Karak Wraith and Sheev sets sell for 40-45p but are not fast sellers
  11. Rare moon spy mods (20-25p)
  12. Some corrupted mods (20-35p)
  13. Syndicate weapons (30-45p)
  14. Unveiled Rivens (20-80p)
    Melee rivens unveiled go for 20p, pistol unveiled for 25p, rifle unveiled for 65p and shotgun unveiled for 80p
  15. Rare Prime parts of the current Prime Access (30-60p)
    Hard to get rare (gold) parts always go well but better for current Prime Access
  16. Complete Prime set of current Prime Access (60-120p)
    The newer the Prime Access the more plat you will get
  17. Baro Ki’teer, immediately (30-60p)
    Weapons, electricity dual stat mods and prime mods sold when Baro is around
  18. Baro Ki’teer, 2-3 months later(100-300p)
    Stock up on weapons, electricity dual stat mods and prime mods and wait at least 2 months
  19. R10 Prime mods (250-400p)
    “mandatory” prime mods like Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, Primed Point Blank, Primed Pressure Point, Primed Target Cracker, Primed Pistol Gambit sell good
    Buyer saves 1,976,436 credits and 40,920 endo for ranking the mod up, but buyer has to pay 1,000,000 trade tax
  20. Old event months (200-700p)
  21. Vaulted Prime sets (300-1000p)
  22. Kubrow & Kavat imprints (50-150p)
  23. Fish and gems from Plains of Eidolon (2-10p)
  24. Eidolon lens blueprint (15-20p)
    they always sell fast because the give the most focus
  25. Lenses
    normal lenses that drop from Plains of Eidolon bouties and build Eidolon lenses
    Greater lenses cannot be traded
  26. Rivens (20-2000p)
    Trash rivens for weapons nobody plays go for barely 20p, good rivens for good non-meta weapons for 100-500p, meta weapon rivens for thousands
    make sure you bring a lot of time spamming “WTS” in trade chat
  27. Lato and Braton Vandal (70-200p)
    Rewards from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
    Sets sell for 200p, some parts for 70-100p
  28. Arbitration reward mods (20-75p)
    Adaption (75p), Rolling Guard (20p), Power Donation (35p)
  29. Warframe Arcanes
  30. Operator Magus & Amp Virtuous Arcanes
  31. Zaw Exodias & Kitguns Pax Arcanes