Warframe trading guide part 3 – how to use warframe.market, the almost auction house

This is the part 3 of my Warframe trading guide. It is followed by the transcript.


No Warframe auction house

There is not auction house or marketplace that allows you to post buy or sell orders in Warframe. This topic has been discussed many times in the Warframe forum (Idea: “Auction house” marketplace, Auction House, Auction House is really needed, Build an auction house) but DE does not want an auction house or something similar for Warframe.

The almost Warframe auction house

There is an external website called warframe.market that implemented a trade board. It is the closest thing to an auction house for Warframe we currently have. warframe.market is not affiliated with DE. This means there some minor technical hassles when it comes to the use of warframe.market while you are playing Warframe.

How to use warframe.market

You use warframe.market to find potential sellers or buyers but the actual trade has to be done in Warframe. That is why you have to tab-out of Warframe a lot; meaning press ATL+TAB on Windows PC to minimize Warframe and bring up a browser.

Buying something from warframe.market does is straight forward.

  • tab out of Warframe
  • open warframe.market in your browser
  • search for the item you want to buy
  • copy the name of seller that has the status online with CTRL+C
  • switch back into Warframe
  • contact the seller by typing in /w sellerName hi
    sellerName has to be replaced by the name you copied before
    use CTRL+V to insert the seller name
  • this opens up a separate tab for communication
  • ask the seller if he still sell the item for that price and if he/she has time to trade
  • do your trading

Selling requires you to create an account on warframe.market first. Part of the registration is verifying you Warframe ingame name. This stops random people from creating fake accounts. Once your account is verified you can start selling items. Items can be added at the bottom of the website.

How to be visible

When people look for items sellers can have 3 different status:
offline – seller is not logged into warframe.market dont buy from him
online on site – user is logged in on warframe.market
online in game – user is logged in on warframe.market and toggled the switch “Online” (in game)

Online in game is just a toggle on the website seller can active or deactivate. And some sellers forget to toggle it in the right position. You will see some online in game sellers that cannot be reached ingame. But you will also have sellers that are actually online in game but forgot to set the status to indicate it correctly.

Dont forget to toggle your online status when you sell on warframe.market

online status warframe.market

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