Warframe trading guide part 2 – trade chat, chat filter, wftrading and nexus-stats.com

trading guide 2 teaser

This is the part 2 of my Warframe trading guide. It is followed by the transcript.



The trade chat is a tab in your normal chat window. If your chat window is currently not visible press T on your keyboard.

The icon for the trade chat has two arrows. It looks like this
tradechat icon

You can filter the noise in the trade chat by using the magnifier icon.

chat filter

There you can define any filter you want.

If you are not sure about the prices there are two different external sites that try to keep track of the prices.

  • http://wftrading.net
    wftrading.net has been around for a very long time. You may not find every item for sale there but all the important mods are there. The site shows low, medium and high prices for each item listed. Prices are added manually by the admins from those tenno that like to share their recent trades. Low to medium are the reasonable price ranges. Keep in mind that this page cannot react to fast market changes like events.
  • http://www.nexus-stats.com
    nexus-stats.com uses bots to scan the trade chat for sell prices of items. It has a very large database of items but has not always all prices. Prices of items that have only very few trades a week are not always 100% reliable. You also have to keep in mind that prices are seller prices and thus a bit higher than the actual sales prices..

For rivens there is no external resource that might help you to find a reasonable price. Riven prices very between 30 and 4000 plat. The actual price per riven depend on popularity of the weapon, demand of rivens and stats the reinforce weapon strengths. – Keep in mind that any weapon can be nerfed and buffed in terms of riven disposition and weapon stats at any update.