Warframe trading guide 1 – trade process, tradable items, lingo and trade tax

trading guide 1 teaser

This is the part 1 of my Warframe trading guide. It is followed by the transcript.


What is trade in Warframe?

Trade in Warframe means 2 Tenno can exchange at least one but at max 5 tradable items with one another. The number of items that each tenno brings into the trade does not need to equal. They can trade one mod for 5 prime parts or weapon part for 7 platinum and a mod.

Where can you trade?

Either at a trading post in the clan dojo or at Maroo’s Bazar (caveat: additional hub tax). To trade at a trading post at least one Tenno has to be in a clan that has built a trading post.

What can you trade?

  • all mods of all ranks but not Legendary mods from your daily login (Primed Fury, Primed Vigor, Primed Shred)
  • all prime warframe bp and prime warframe part bp (no build parts)
  • unranked weapons, weapon parts, mods from syndicates
  • Alad V nav coordinates
  • special weapon parts from invasions (e.g. Karak Wraith, Snipetron Vandal) or from events (e.g. Imperator Vandal)
  • Unranked weapons Baro ki’teer sells
  • Ayatan statues and stars
  • relics of all refinements
  • arcanes, arcane helmets
  • imprints for kubrows & kavats
  • scenes for captura

What can you not trade?

  • resources (e.g. kuva, nitain, endo)
  • regular (non-prime) Warframe parts
  • forma, orokin reactor or catalyst, including blueprints
  • platinum for platinum
  • start platinum

When are you allowed to trade?

When you reach MR2

How often can you trade?

The number of trades equal you mastery rank. E.g., a MR6 player can do 6 trades and MR24 player can do 24 trades per day.

Trade tax

For every item you receive you have to pay a trade tax in credits. Trade tax normally varies between 2’000 and 10’000 credits. If you trade for a legendary mod – meaning receive a primed mod – you have to pay 1’000’000 credits per mod. Receiving platinum results in 500 credit trade tax per 1 platinum; e.g. receiving 30 platinum costs 15’000 credits, receiving 250 platinum costs 125’000 credits.

Clan and hub tax

Clans can impose an additional clan tax for each trade but this is very uncommon nowadays. Maroo’s Bazar has a fixed hub tax of 10% on top of the trade tax.


WTB – Want to buy
WTS – Want to sell
WTT – Want to trade
PC – Price Check