Warframe solo or ghost clan layout and forma cost

Warframe solo or ghost clan layout teaser

[Update: 01/19] Building a small clan dojo in Warframe with all research labs, trading post and ascension altar is a valid option for solo players or a small group of players in 7-8 days. The biggest investment will be 14 forma; 12 forma for the rooms and 2 forma for trading post and ascension altar. You can follow the single floor layout below.

There is also a PDF version for this layout available for you to download:

Youtube: Warframe solo ghost clan dojo build guide

This a two part youtube series that covers every step of the 7 day building process. It also covers placement of transporter and the ascension ceremony.


3 thoughts on “Warframe solo or ghost clan layout and forma cost

  1. Pandagnome

    This guide is simple and effective i am just starting my first clan building and wanted to make a clan that is noob friendly. Have been playing on and off but this time round wanted a small ghost clan to focus on and help a core group.

    I am going to take it a day at a time hopefully things will be much better eventually

    In the future alliance with other ghost clans would be something i am going to look into!

    thanks again

  2. Isey

    I’m very new to Warframe (2 weeks!) But loving it.

    Question I have on this – is there any other reason you need a dojo outside of research?

    Or does this setup contain the needs for advancement?

    Working on collecting more frames and see alot are from the dojo, so googled when I get one, and then found this post 🙂

    1. Lars Händler

      Research is the most important part. There are lots of things that can only be obtained through clan research: many weapons, energy/health/ammo pizzas, warframes, archwing and dragon keys (needed for derelict). Other than that trading is done in the clan dojo. And of course having clan members to ask questions or to get rare mods from is also very helpful.

      Best go into the recruitment chat and ask for a noob friendly clan. Don’t feel bad for just getting research.

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