Warframe – Carrier Prime sentinel late game utility build

In early game I used my Carrier sentinel for picking up loot and shooting enemies around me. The longer I played the more I was annoyed that either the sentinel was stealing kills on lower levels or was not effective with killing enemies on higher levels.

Update 11/2018:

So I went over my previous vacuum shooter build and decided to go full utility. Meaning the sentinel no longer shoots any enemies; its new purpose is mostly keeping me alive, supply ammo and vacuum. This is my current heal-revive-ammo-vacuum build for the Carrier Prime:

Guardian | Medi-Ray | Primed Regen | Animal Instinct | Sacrifice
Ammo Case | Calculated Redirection | Enhanced Vitality | Sanctuary | Vacuum

Complete build on warframe-builder.com: https://bit.ly/2QaIuv5. Here is the link to my Carrier Prime late game utitily build video on youtube.

Alternative: You can remove Sanctuary if you revive with operator mode. The mod slot should be filled with Repair Kit to self-heal Carrier.

Guardian | Medi-Ray | Primed Regen | Animal Instinct | Sacrifice
Ammo Case | Calculated Redirection | Enhanced Vitality | Repair Kit | Vacuum



The mods equipped can be divided in three categories:

Sentinel self-preservation

This category is obvious. The mods keep carrier alive for as long as possible by supplying 1280 health and 375 shield.

Warframe healing & reviving

  • Medi-Ray restores 12% of your Warframe health with a 15 seconds cool down
  • Guardian restores 100% Warframe shield when depleted with a 30 seconds cool down
  • Sanctuary creates a 600 health shield when reviving fallen team mates
  • Sacrifice revives a downed owner by giving up one of its lives
    synergy with Primed Regen

This category is all about keeping your warframe alive. Instant restores of shields with Guardian is very useful, even for warframes with small shields. While 12% healing may not look much on Medi-Ray it makes the Rejuvination and to a certain extend even Arcane Grace redundant; 12% healing is most of the times enough to pull out of messy situations. Sanctuary makes reviving team mates safer but a 600 health shield will not hold too long. “Self”-reviving with Sacrifice can be extremely useful when you are on a solo mission or when your team mates are busy killing stuff in sorties. 


  • Vacuum picks up all ressources in a 11.5m radius
  • Animal Instinct shows loot in 30m and enemies in 18m radius on your minimap
  • Ammo Case converts unused ammo, increases the ammo capacity

Vacuum is a no-brainer and the reason to pick a sentinel in the first place; you can concentrate on the mission and the sentinel does the cleanup. Animal Instinct is very usefull when looking for Cephalon fragments, syndicate medallions and Ayatan statues. All are shown on the minimap. Ammo Case does two things: First it increases the ammo capacity (not your magazin) of your currently equipped weapons by 25%. Secondly it is an ammo mutation for the weapon currently in use. Both things you need either for bullet hoses like Soma Prime or weapons with limited ammo like Lenz or Pox. 

The Price

Keep in mind this is a late game build and you will have to spend 4 forma and 1 Orokin Reactor an Carrier Prime alone. Try to get a Carrier Prime as fast as possible because it has been vaulted since end 2017 and prices will no longer stay at 70 platinum for a complete set.

Do not forget that you have to spend almost 150’000 endo and almost 7’000’000 credits to max out all showed sentinel mods. Best make this a long term project.

Why Carrier Prime?

It is still the sturdiest sentinel we currently (01/2018) have in Warframe. With Enhanced Vitality and Calculated Redirection it gets to 1280 health and 375 shield. This will bring you even through most of the sortie stuff.