Warframe – Carrier Prime sentinel late game utility build

In early game I used my Carrier sentinel for picking up loot and shooting enemies around me. The longer I played the more I was annoyed that either the sentinel was steeling kills on lower levels or was not effective with killing enemies on higher levels.

So I went over my previous vacuum shooter build and decided to go full utility. Meaning the sentinel no longer shoots any enemies; its new purpose is keeping me alive and make looting more effective. This is my current vacuum-heal-loot build for the Carrier Prime:

Vacuum | Coolant Leak | Animal Instinct | Regen | Medi-Ray
Guardian | Sanctuary | Calculated Redirection | Enhanced Vitality | Looter

Complete Build on warframe-builder.com: http://goo.gl/SBzwkT


The mods equipped can be divided in three categories:


  • Enhanced Vitality boosts carrier’s health to 1280
  • Calculated Redirection boosts carrier’s shield to 375
  • Regen gives one self-revive, can be replace with Primed Regn that gives 3 self-rives

This category is obvious. The mods keep the carrier alive for as long as possible by supplying 1280 health and 375 shield.


  • Medi-Ray restores 12% of Warframe health with 15 second cool down
  • Guardian restores 100% Warframe shield when depleted with 30 second cool down
  • Sanctuary creates a 600 health shield when reviving fallen team mates
  • Coolant Leak freezes enemies at close range (3m)

This category is all about keeping the warframe alive. Instant restores of shields with Guardian is very useful, even for warframes with small shields. While 12% healing may not look much it makes the Rejuvination warframe mod redundant; and 12% is most of the times enough to pull out of messy situations. Sanctuary makes reviving a bit safer but a 600 health shield will not hold long. The slowdown of meelee enemies by Coolant Leak has saved me countless of times; it provides just an additional second or two needed in rush scenarios.


  • Vacuum picks up all ressources in a 12m radius
  • Looter shoots lootable container in 16m radius
  • Animal Instinct shows loot in 30m radius on minimap

Vacuum is a no-brainer and the reason to pick a carrier sentinel in the first place; you can concentrate on the mission and the sentinel does the cleanup. Looter makes opening up loot container a bit easier. It shoots container that you do not see at first glance and it synergizes great with Vacuum. Animal Instinct is very usefull when looking for Cephalon fragments or syndicate medallions. Both are shown on the minimap.

Keep in mind this is a late game build and you will have to put 3 forma into Carrier Prime to make it a worthy vacuum-heal-loot companion.

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