Canon Pixma MX 925 cannot scan to email, to cloud or to a Chromebook

While setting up my newly acquired Pixma MX 925 I came across a requirement it cannot handle: Scan to email or scan to cloud. – The MX 925 does not support this functionality. You can output your scans to a PC or Mac, to a Android or iOS device or (old school) USB stick. But you cannot not directly send your scan to an email address or save it to the cloud. Bummer!

The Pixma MX 925 forces you to always initiate your scan from a remote device. The reason you buy into a All-In-One multi printer is that you do not have to use another device for standard tasks. But the bigger problem arises if you own a Chromebook or a Chromebox. There is no way you cannot initiate a scan from the Pixma MX 925.

There is only one rather pathetic solution for Chromebook and Chromebox users (like my wife and me):

Scan to USB stick and carry the stick to your Chrome OS device. 

MX 925 - Scan to USB

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3 Comments Canon Pixma MX 925 cannot scan to email, to cloud or to a Chromebook

  1. Damo


    This is really disappointing. I had an MX870 until recently, and scanning to PC was pretty slow and needed crapware or TWAIN, so I scanned to an SD card and then moved the SD card across, as being much faster and independent.

    However, I missed lack of Airprint/Email print on that one. I was hoping this was a good replacement, but you say it can’t scan to an independent drive like SD or cloud? Is that still the case even now?

    1. Lars Händler

      I will definitely not scan to anything cloud related. It will only scan to a locally connected USB stick. And after the scan is done you have to detach the stick from the printer and insert it into whatever device you like.

      But do not forget you can scan directly to any mobile device through the Canon app. From my personal experience it only really hurts if you own a Chrome OS device.

  2. Sonja

    I own a similar device from Canon, although not the same one as you. And unfortunately, I can’t even scan to USB stick. And I only found out about that months after I bought it. 🙁


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