Do not buy a HP Officejet Pro 6830 or any 68xx HP printer

I bought a HP Officejet Pro 6830 last year. The printer lasted about two months before it showed a printhead error. I got a replacement unit from HP that lasted 3 months before it had the same printhead error. I got another replacement and, guess what, it also had a printhead error but this time within four weeks.

HP even has a dedicated page for printhead errors on the HP 68XX series and the HP 6230, HP 68xx Printers – ‘Problem with printhead’ Error. Let me sum up the repair instructutions on that page: We send you a replacement unit.

If the problem expands to so many different printers and HP offers only replacement units the printhead error must be a major design flaw. Why do they even sell those garbage printers?

It really pains me to see that the company that for such a long time was the synonym for printer nowadays delivers a huge number of garbage unusable sub-par printers. Time to say goodbye to HP printers; at least for a while.

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6 thoughts on “Do not buy a HP Officejet Pro 6830 or any 68xx HP printer

  1. Simon

    The 6830 has an issue with leaking (expensive) ink from the cartridges which blocks the printhead. Mine has a puddle of ink in it. It’s possible to clean the printhead, but it will happen again and you’re spending lots of money on ink that leaks away!

    This printer has a major fault. HP should have recalled it.

  2. Mobin

    Same issues with a 6830 replaced once free the second time they sold me a 6970 hope this on works longer then the other Two what a pain. One of my older HP laser jet still works after 7 years! Quality Control or what!!

    1. Lars Händler

      My old HP printers always lasted for years. There was a time when buying a HP printer meant investing in quality.

  3. Ronald

    I have NEVER had a problem with Epson printers. This time I went to an HP 6230 and – boom! – the printhead error message after one year almost to the day. This is for a printer that has only received very light use and one renewed set of HP inks.

    I will NEVER buy HP again!

  4. Bruce

    I agree with Lars 100%. My HP 6830 failed with the same, rather well known printhead failure after light use.

    Hp’s attitude is that “it is out of warranty”, so they expect me to pay to have it fixed. There is no doubt that there is a latent defect on this model.

    My advice is to stay away from HP products. This has been a very expensive encounter with HP.

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