Install Remix OS on VMware Player or Workstation

A quick video tutorial on how to install Remix OS on VMware Player.

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4 thoughts on “Install Remix OS on VMware Player or Workstation

  1. Andrea

    I wanted to try installing vm tools but I do not understand how to do, vmware instructions do not work. Could not mount from cd.
    Can you help me?

  2. tman

    First, thanks for the install tips. Very useful. I’d just like to add that, testing or not, Remix installs and runs a LOT quicker with 2GB vRAM, so I’d recommend that as default.

    Next, set your VM O/S as Ubuntu – this allows 3D acceleration in the VM (FreeBSD doesn’t).

    I’m using VMware Workstation Player 12, and you should also set your screen resolution/monitor/vRAM etc before installation, or you’ll end up in resolution hell.

    Essentially, my settings were;

    2GB RAM
    20GB disk
    Ubuntu O/S type
    1 monitor
    1280×800 resolution
    Network Type: NAT

    Rest of the guide was fine.

  3. Bumke


    I tried installing the latest release of Remix OS (Remix version B2016042001).
    Followed all steps in your video but remix isn’t booting after the installation.

    It shows that it’s detected the sda1 disk and then shortly shows the Andtroid x86 line.

    But then doesn’t shows the Android logo and no cursor is blinking.
    I’m running Workstation version 10.

    Any idea’s?

    1. Lars Händler

      The first run after the installation may not boot correctly. This happens occasionally on VMware or Virtualbox and I dont know why. What worked for me was completely closing VMWare and make a fresh start of the virtual machine.

      Remix OS is still in beta and to a certain extend problems are expected 🙁

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