Month: March 2016

Use SD card as download path for Synology DS Audio Android app

Ever since Android 4.4 changed the security policies for storage no Android app can make use of SD card storage outside its app owned folder. There is a simple workaround that works like charm for the DS audio app: We move parts of the DS audio app onto the SD card. With this done an app owned folder was created on the SD card that can then be used (or misused) as download directory. more

Create a RSA key pair on Linux

The default save location of the key pair (public and private key) will be shown. It should always be ~/.ssh (/home/yourusername/.ssh).

After you confirmed the location the key pair is stored you are asked to enter a passphrase. That is your password for every system your public key of the pair is stored.

At the time of writing the default length of the key is 2048 bit.

Source: How To Set Up SSH Keys