add-apt-repository: error: no such option: -r on Linux Mint

When I wanted to remove a repository earlier today on Linux Mint I went with the usual add-apt-repository –remove. Linux Mint bases on Ubuntu LTS I thought removing a ppa is handled the same way as on Ubuntu. But I was wrong.

As can be seen from the screenshot removal is not possible.

add-apt-repository: error: no such option: -r

And when you look at the options of add-apt-repository you can see that no remove option is available.

add-apt-repository -h


I did some searching and found that Mint does not use the native apt-add-repository tool but uses its own wrapper for that program. This is an open issue since 2014.

Long story short: For Linux Mint do not use sudo apt-add-repository –remove ppa:user/repository

Alternative 1

Install ppa-purge

then use it to remove a ppa


Alternative 2

Find you ppa.list file:

The remove the file you found

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