Month: February 2016

InfraRecorder does not start on Windows 10

After installing InfraRecorder on Windows 10 it will only start once. After that the InfraRecorder UI will not show up. When you take a look at the task manager you will see that an instance of InfraRecorder is running but no UI is present; killing the process and starting InfraRecorder anew will not solve the problem.

Quick Fix

This is a known bug (#729) and at the moment the only workaround is manually deleting the settings.xml file. This file can be in one of the follwing locations:
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\InfraRecorder\ or InfraRecorder application directory when using the portable apps version of InfraRecorder.

Permanent solution

The above mentioned fix will only work once. You should use this one shot to permanently solve the problem. Just deactivate the “Remember the last active folder” checkbox in the InfraRecorder configuration.

InfraRcorder choose configuration

InfraRecorder - Checkbox remember last active folder

After you deactivated this checkbox InfraRecorder will work just fine.

Remove last character with cut

As cut can only remove the characters from the beginning of the string we have to pipe the string through rev first to reverse the order of the characters. Then we remove the first character with cut and reverse the string to its prior order.