Warframe elemental and physical damage weakness per faction

by the talented Janice Chu http://cargocollective.com/jchuart

[updated 05/2019] This is an elemental damage and physical damage weakness overview for Warframe U23. This overview is a starting point for new players that want to progress through the  starchart. This overview does not consider finisher damage, status procs and crit multiplier that are needed for high level (sortie or endless)  content. 

Explanation video below


Physical Damage types and fraction weakness

Slash damage is good against Infested
because effective against flesh
Puncture damage is good against Grineer
because effective against armor
Impact damage is good against Corpus
because effective against shield


Grineer elemental weakness and best setup

Prefer high Puncture weapons.
Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity) against heavy Grineer
Heat against light Grineer


Infested weakness and best setup

Prefer high Slash weapons.
Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity) against heavy Infested
Heat against light Infested


Corpus elemental weakness

Prefer high Impact weapons.
Magnetic (Cold + Electricity) against heavy Corpus
Toxin against light Corpus


Void elemental weakness

Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity) against heavy Void units
Cold against light Void units or
Heat against light Void units


Additional damage types and weakness

The Index – damage types
Eidolon hunt – damage types
Rathuum Arena (Nakki, Yam, Vodyanoi) – damage types

Elemental damage will always be applied to the target. It has nothing to do with status chance. Status chance is the chance of triggering the elemental status effect; also known as proc. The higher the status chance the higher the chance a damage type (physical or elemental) will proc.

More info about Damage 2.0: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0