Titanfall PC player base random Thursday February 2015

I have to say I bought into all the hype that was surrounding Titanfall in 2014. I was so over-hyped that the game could never live up to it. After playing about 8 hours in March 2014 I put the game down. It could not deliver all the nonstop fun action. It was just a decent shooter with giant robots that make giant targets for the rest of the players. Matches also tended to be too one-sided. You either ripped the other team apart easily or your were shot constantly. So I went back to my usual CS:GO and UrT recreation.

About one year later on a cold Thursday here in Switzerland when I was turned off by the rip-off DLC tactics surrounding Evolve, I remembered that “other” game I was excited about a year ago. I was curious to see what happend to the game and to its player base. Installing the whooping 40GB Titanfall base game took a while. Starting off the game brought me into the familiar and generic game lobby. And to my surprise when choosing a game mode the current player base for your region and worldwide is displayed.

So here we go with the players numbers for 19/02/15 7pm CET (Switzerland / Europe)


game mode players in region players worldwide
 Hardpoint 101 104
 Attrition 832 1167
 Last Titan Standing 36 38
 Capture the Flag 37 47
 Marked for Death 20 20
 Marked for Death Pro 19 19
 Wingman LTS 4 4
 Frontier Defense 139 192
 Capaign 171 202
 Pilot Skirmish 37 37
 Deadly Ground Variety Pack  7 7
 Variety Pack 36 37
 Variety Pack Expedition  0 0
 Variety Pack Frontier’s Edge 0 0
 Variety Pack IMC Rising 0 0
 All  1439  1874

Compared to the number of active CS:GO players (100k – 400k) , those numbers are tiny. Despite the low numbers you get into completely filled matches very fast. Getting into a game of Attrition took me a short wait of 30-45 seconds.

What I really like is the new Frontier Defense mode; it was not part of the original game. It is a simple horde mode where you team up with 3 other players VS AI titans and grunts. Depending on the map you will get 15-20 minutes fun out of it. If you make it to the last wave, this is usually as insane as it can get with tons of enemy titans rushing your “base”. It is pure Michael Bay havoc with exploding nuke(!) Titans, mortar explosions, exploding suicide robots, exploding aircrafts, turrents relentlessly ripping apart hordes of grunts on top of the usual shooting, blowing stuff up and Titan fighting. Wish they had this mode earlier on.

Going back to Titanfall turns out to be an unexpectedly fun experience. Playing it in short 30 minute bursts in the evening really makes the game more enjoyable for me. It is still beautifull to look at and the rumbling sound of a falling Titan is something you do not forget easily.

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3 thoughts on “Titanfall PC player base random Thursday February 2015

  1. UncleHo74

    Hmm.. ich bin ja etwas “late for the party” was den Eintrag hier angeht.. aber ich hole auch alle paar Monate mal Titanfall wieder raus.. und finde es dann eigentlich extrem spaßig… es hat schon einiges.. wenn auch nicht alles .. richtig gemacht.

    Eigentlich schade dass die Player-Base zumindest auf dem PC so runtergegangen ist, es hat definitiv was eigenes.

    1. Lars Händler

      Ja, besonders der Horde Mode ist richtig lustig. Ich finde es inzwischen nur noch traurig, wenn ich 50 Euro für ein Game ausgebe, was dann nach 12 Monaten eigentlich unbrauchbar ist. Das ist einer der Gründe warum ich inzwischen häufig zu F2P Titeln wie Warframe oder Dirty Bomb greife. Da hat man da einfach mehr von seinem Geld.

  2. Keegan

    Thanks for sharing! It is useful to see the numbers before they gave everyone the DLC for free and boosted the numbers (whether it’s a permanent boost remains to be seen).

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