Goodbye TYPO3

goodbye typo3

After unbelievable 10 years of working together with you, TYPO3, it is time for me to say goodbye.

I clearly remember the first time I installed you on my dedicated webserver. You were a memory greedy beast at that time. I had to increase the memory limit multiple times before I got to see yet another error message. I spent days looking for the right version of ImageMagick to render my fonts.

TYPO3, I did not like you. Yes, in 2003 I hated you. Those were the days of 3.5 and I did my first big project with TYPO3. I did not want to work with you but there was an important customer and he already had you up and running. You were just too big for me, too bloated to use for my projects.
But over the months I was forced to work with you I saw what you really were: a bloated but very useful swiss army knife CMS.

I remember that sunny day in 2004 when I sat together with my employees and we discussed which CMS should be our agency CMS. We had those big blue IKEA cups filled with brewed coffee and discussed for hours. We compared my own CMS based on ASP, Contenido and TYPO3. – We all voted for TYPO3. Although we knew it would be a tough choice.

So I specialized in TYPO3. I did every website, intranet and even ecommerce project with TYPO3. I used my own TYPO3-optimized servers. I did 50+ TYPO3 projects over the years I was self-employed.

Later on I got hired as a TYPO3 specialist at an agency. Again I did 30+ TYPO3 projects. I had grown up, you had grown up. The 4.x versions were the best times we had together. I went to conventions, I did a lot of extensions and praised Typoscript. In the end there was nothing I could not do with TYPO3.

Now after 10 years of working together with you I feel I have changed and I have outgrown web programming.  Nowadays I prefer Java, I prefer doing Android apps and come to appreciate WordPress for my own little pet projects.

But every time I see a blue IKEA cup I will remember the conscious decision of choosing TYPO3 and how it shaped my professional career for almost 10 years.

We had a great time TYPO3.

Thank you.


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