Thomas was alone – Review

thomas was alone

Thomas, Chris, John, Claire, Laura, James and Sarah have complex almost soap opera relationships with one another. A great narrator will make you love some and dislike others. What is special about this? Well those 7 characters are blocks, coloured blocks of different size and shape.

The soundtrack is amazing because of perfectly times Ambient piano sounds.

Then there is the actual game: 100 levels of clever plattforming where you have to chose the right blocks for the reaching the end of each level.  All blocks are clever designed and have their special treat. Blocks have to work together, jumping on each or bouncing away from each other. The levels are challenging but never too hard. Some look very easy but need more thinking than you thought.

thomas was alone jumping

Although the graphics are simple they don’t feel cheap. They feel well designed with a nice zen touch to it.

Lovely indie game with about 5-6 hours to finish it. | Thomas was alone on Steam