Remove running in software rendering mode in Linux Mint Virtualbox

After a fresh install of Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” on Virtualbox the software rendering mode error box appears. This is confusing because the actual resizing of Linux Mint inside of Virtualbox works like charm.

The solution is rather simple. Some but not all parts of the virtualbox guest additions are installed by default. You have to remove the default installation with this command:

Then you have to mount the Virtualbox Guest additions CD image and open up a terminal. Get to the VBOXADDITIONS path:

yourUser should be replaced by the user you are currently using on Linux Mint and VBOXADDITIONS_version should be the name of the guest additions CD image. In my case it looks like this:

Now start the installation by running

After a restart of you virtual machine the error should be gone.

There is also a youtube video

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3 Comments Remove running in software rendering mode in Linux Mint Virtualbox

  1. Ed


    Thank you for the Youtube video. I was having this exact problem and your instruction was useful – but it did not 100% solve my issue. After removing and reinstalling the guest additions, I still received the software rendering warning.

    I did some guest-side checking and found that by default, the Virtualbox guest setting does not have the ‘Enable 3D Acceleration’ box checked.

    Ticking the box and booting the guest removed the software rendering warning.

    1. Lars Händler

      Hi Ed, thank you for that info. For my PCs the “enable 3d acceleration” did not do anything to help. But it is good to know that it is something related to this issue. If I make an update of this video I will mention it.


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