Titanfall PC player base random Thursday February 2015

I have to say I bought into all the hype that was surrounding Titanfall in 2014. I was so over-hyped that the game could never live up to it. After playing about 8 hours in March 2014 I put the game down. It could not deliver all the nonstop fun action. It was just a decent shooter with giant robots that make giant targets for the rest of the players. Matches also tended to be too one-sided. You either ripped the other team apart easily or your were shot constantly. So I went back to my usual CS:GO and UrT recreation. Continue reading

Netgear WN3000RP mywifiext.net not found

  1. make sure the green light on the extender is turnd on after you plugged into the wall
  2. Try if http://www.mywifiext.net does not work
  3. If you still cannot access the extender, plug in a lan cable into the lan port on it bottom and connect it directly to your router. Then you should be able to access it via
  4. Configure your repeater:
    4.1 Chose the Wifi you want to extend
    4.2 Enter the password and keep the same security policies
    4.3 Do NOT use the suggested SSID because it ends with _EXT. Instead remove “_EXT”; this way your Wifi devices will not have to add another SSID.
  5. It is perfectly normal that after you hit finish your browser displays page not found. The repeater uses DHCP and will get itself an new random IP.
  6. Remove the lan cable and unplug the extender from the wall for a few seconds.
  7. Plug it into the wall and everything should work fine.

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Perl DBI how to escape single SQL quotes with regex

SQL escapes single quotes by replacing them with double single quotes. Search for Gigi D’Agostino should look like this:

In Perl the easiest way it to add the escaped quotes is by using a simple regex.

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Use Java 6 and Java 7 on (X)ubuntu Eclipse

Install both Java versions

Check active version

Check installed versions

In Eclipse go into
Project > Properties > Java Build Path > Add Library > JRE System Library > Alternate JRE

If your Java is not in it

  • Click on Installed JREs
  • Click Add
  • Click Standard VM
  • Choose Directory containing Java 6 (/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-i386)


Shell Script – check if another instance of same script is running

Source: LinuxQuestions.org

Replace spaces in file names by underscores

Replace spaces in all file names in folder test/ by underscores:


Remove BOM in Perl while reading it out

Just remove the BOM from the first line a while readout

Perl – count elements in multi-dimensional array

Map Java Thread Details to Linux processes

  1. Search for Java PID:
    Example ouput:4170 blalub 25 0 6309m 5.2g 10m R 97.5 33.3 732:27.41 java
  2. Get a listing of all Java threads in Java Process with PID 4170:
    top -H -p 4170
  3. Find PID of JBoss:
    jps -l
    Example output: 4170 org.jboss.Main
  4. Using Server PID (4170) for thread dump
    jstack -l 4170 > jstack.log
  5. To find threads from the listing (top -H -p) in jstack.log thread PIDs have to be converted from decimal (listing) to nid hexdecimal (jstack) in jstack output

Hex converter: http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter

Inspiration: http://www.lrr.in.tum.de/~petkovve/java_threads_stack.html