Warframe – Karak Wraith build up to T3

I really love the Karak Wraith; the sound, the handling and the looks. It is not an end-game (Void T4 missions) weapon but I enjoy it nonetheless for everything else that is not defensive. Here are my battle-proven status builds for the different fractions. I used one orikon reactor and 5 formas (4 V, 1 -) to get the maximum out of it. Depending on your Warframe I suggest also using Rifle Amp aura mod that gives an additional 27% base damage increase. Continue reading

Validate a checkbox in Rails

If you have to validate a checkbox in your frontend that is part of your model (e.g. acceptregulation) the following snippet works like charm.


Display html in Rails form from l18n/translations

To display html without html encoding you have to use the .html_safe method for the translation:




Synology DSvideo, DSaudio, Netflix and radio on the same device

Netflix started offering its service to mainland Europe in February this year. It was something I had been waiting for a long time. But for my living room it meant that I could no longer use my rather old ZBox running OpenElec. I tested 4 devices (Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi with Kodi and Android MiiPC) for my living until I found an unexpected flexible yet extremely cheap solution for all my problems: MXQ Android TV BOX on aliexpress (my old MXQ Android 4.4 / my new MXQ Android 5.1). Continue reading